Turris Omnia (work)

Project management, screenplay, direction and production of the Turris Omnia product video. Check our crowdfdunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Co je to mojeID (work)

Project management, screenplay, direction.

We are CZ.NIC (work)

Project management, screenplay, direction and production of the corporate video about what we do in CZ.NIC.

Jak funguje DNS (work)

Project management, screenplay and art-direction of the video animation about DNS (Domain Name System) for dummies. Microsite with the video available on: www.jakfungujedns.cz

Jak na Internet (work)

Project management (110 episodes).

Nebojte se Internetu (work)

Project management (10 episodes).

Nauč tetu na netu (work)

Co-production project management (16 episodes).


CS DANUBE (work)

Graphic design of the CS DANUBE logo. CS (Computer Security) DANUBE is an initiative of the EU strategy for Danube region.


Datovka (work)

Logo design of the Datovka software (email client).

Klára & Martin (personal)

The wedding video.

MojeID web

MojeID (work)

Complete design of the new MojeID web.

Captcha Help

Captcha Help (work)

The Captcha Help software logo design.

Skener Webu

Skener Webu (work)

The Skener Webu software logo design.

Logo Knot DNS

KNOT DNS (work)

The KNOT DNS (DNS server) logo design.

3e calendar

3e (work)

The 3e calendar (made by Zonio) icons.

Studnice (personal)

Summer music festival Studnice Fest 2010 video. Filming, editing and postproduction.


Alessandra (personal)

Digital painting.

Orient Connection Artwork

Orient Connection Artwork (work)

Graphics for the Orient Connection Festival promotional materials.

Orient Connection Poster & DVD

Orient Connection Poster & DVD (work)

Complete production of poster, leaflets and DVD (filming, editing, postproduction, DVD authoring, DVD printing and inlay ) of the Orient Connection Festival.

Orient Connection Logo

Orient Connection Logo (work)

The Orient Connection Festival logo design.

Trailer (personal)

Trailer of the new portfolio.


Bubamare (personal)

The sailing expedition logo design.

Hledali se + Nalezli se

Hledali se + Nalezli se (personal)

"They searched themselves + They found themselves". Design and production of the wedding announcement for my friends.

Smutný příběh

Smutný příběh (personal)

"Sad story". Digital painting. Playing with the curve, colour and composition.


Video made in 2000. Presentation of the "Motor GVP" school football team. Made for the "Coca-Cola and football" competition purposes. It was successful (the video, not the team).

Eglal Logo

Eglal Logo (work)

The Eglal belly dancer and the same named dance studio logo design.

Eglal Artwork

Eglal Artwork (work)

Graphics for the Eglal belly dancer web.

Eglal Web

Eglal Web (work)

Complete design of the Eglal belly dancer web.


CIWA (personal)

Graphics for the blog written by two friends. The goal was to achieve a rough and dirty effect, but not without an aesthetic value.

GVP 1997-2001

GVP 1997-2001 (personal)

Poster, DVD inlay, DVD authoring and video. Made on the occasion of highschool reunion after 10 years.

Outro (personal)

The Outro was made in 2007 on the occasion of highschool reunion after 10 years.


Oskar (personal)

A school project.


Řev (personal)

The scream - the collage full of emotions.

TH Logo

TH Logo (personal)

Personal identity. The art of simplicity.

Nuda (personal)

A video experiment made in 2003.

Bleeding heart

Bleeding heart (personal)

T-shirt printing.

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